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Wet Wipes With Different Functions Are So Different!


Wet Wipes are non-woven fabrics, fabrics, wood pulp composite fabrics, carpenter's paper, etc. as carriers, and appropriate amount of production water and non-sterile ingredients are added to clean the objects to be treated. Wet wipes products need to meet the required microbial indicators in the standard, and corresponding toxicological tests should be done according to the object of use, such as skin irritation test, vaginal mucosal irritation test and skin allergy test (depending on material selection). Wet wipes are mainly used for cleaning and do not have antibacterial and disinfection effects. It can be used to clean hands, mouth, skin, and surface.
Sanitary Wipes
Refers to non-woven fabrics, fabrics, wood pulp composite fabrics, carpenter's paper, etc. as the carrier, and appropriate amounts of raw materials such as production water and disinfectants are added to clean and sterilize the treated objects (such as hands, skin, mucous membranes and the surface of ordinary objects) Wipes.
Disinfecting Wipes
Refers to products with cleaning and disinfection effects made by using non-woven fabrics, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water as the production water, and appropriate addition of disinfectants and other raw materials, which are suitable for the human body, the surface of general objects, The surface of medical equipment and other objects. Disinfecting wipes have not been included in the classification catalog of disinfection products, and cannot be managed as disinfection products. There is no erasure and no sanitation and safety evaluation requirements. The safety and effectiveness test report should be checked for use in hospitals.
Sanitary wipes, wet wipes and other products are prohibited from labeling disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, drugs, high-efficiency, non-toxic, prevention of venereal diseases, treatment of diseases, alleviation or alleviation of disease symptoms, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, use objects without inspection basis and shelf life And other content. Sanitary wipes should also be prohibited from labeling antimicrobial/microbicide categories without inspection basis and antibacterial (antibacterial) effects without inspection basis. Wet wipes should also be forbidden to label anti-bacterial and bactericidal effects.

Wet wipes and sanitary wipes belong to the third category of disinfection products, sanitary products. According to the requirements of the sanitary safety evaluation regulations for disinfection products, sanitary products such as wet wipes and sanitary wipes do not need to make a safety evaluation report, and can be implemented in accordance with their respective specifications. Disinfecting wipes is only a new type of carrier disinfectant, and there is currently no clear regulation and classification.
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